CEFA spaces


In Cefa schools there are several equipped laboratories (art, music, science, information technology). We consider laboratory activity a fundamental completion in the learning process of our students.


We are particularly attentive to restaurant processes. We have an in-house kitchen at each location; we employ employees and choose the suppliers of raw materials directly.

Outdoor spaces

Our schools are equipped with outdoor areas, with sports fields that allow you to experience the school day more fully.

Gardens and orchards

On location, the students live in close contact with nature through the creation and care of green spaces or real gardens. For older children these activities represent a practical completion to scientific notions learned in the classroom.

Reading corners

CEFA schools offer areas to read peacefully that are reserved for children. For the older kids, there are real libraries from which you can borrow books.


Each of our locations has a front-office to welcome visitors and ensure constant contact with all parents and pupils.

Nursery and childhood classrooms

Classrooms for children are divided according to areas of interest, so as to give each child the opportunity to express themselves according to their inclinations.

Primary e secondary classrooms

The classrooms are equipped with a multimedia board, a class computer and an audio system. There is also a traditional blackboard, in addition to special spaces for signage, useful for teaching and personal environments for the storage of material of each pupil.


In our schools the dimension of public speaking is very important. It is put into practice through theatrical performances that take place in dedicated spaces.

Tutorial rooms

The basic characteristic of our relationship with the families of students is the tutorial, which finds space in designated rooms set up in each of our offices.

Mobile Interactive Laboratory

Every location in school can become a multimedia laboratory. In fact, primary and secondary pupils have access to tablets that can be accessed by a mobile trolley.