Who we are 

40 years of growth hand in hand with our families

We know that faced with the marvel of a developing personality, parents may find themselves without adequate answers: For this reason, our school dedicates to each family a discreet and confidential interlocutor for a continued comparison about the aspirations they place in their children 

Who we are 


The nature of our reality is completely secular but at the same time permeated by Christian values in which all can recognise themselves. The schools are promoted by faithful of Opus Dei along with many others, including some belonging to other non- Christian faiths. However, they all share St. Josemaría Escrivà 's intuition that placed parents at the centre of their children’s education, even when at school. 

Who we are 


Convinced that parents are the first and principal educators of their children, the founder of Opus Dei, St. Josemaría Escrivá encouraged the founding in our country, in Europe and in the world, of schools where the educational alliance between school and family was strong. 

Together with the decisive role of the family, the quality of teaching, the love for responsible freedom, the openness to all social contexts and the value of relationships cultivated with continuity and cordiality, are all indispensable references for the educational climate of our schools and are the legacy of the teachings of St. Josemaría. 

The chaplain of each school is a priest of Opus Dei. Participation in any initiative of a religious nature organized or proposed by the school is always totally free.