Collaborate with families

The family, who are naturally responsible for the education of their children, plays a crucial role in CEFA schools, participating directly in the formulation of educational objectives.

The Department of Family Collaboration – DCF – offers parents the opportunity to meet in regular meetings with school tutors to share the main aspects of their paths of growth and to share decisions that characterize both the educational and training dimension of the students.

Parents have at their disposal at least three tutorials during the entire academic year. These meetings contribute to building a personal and trusting relationship with the tutor who individually follows their child. At the same time, they are involved in pedagogical orientation meetings, informative meetings on teaching, conferences on current topics and study groups.

The goal is to create an opportunity for discussion and dialogue with each family, improving the quality of relationships and the educational work of the teacher and the parent.

The relationship with parents is fundamental for defining- in the right way for the students- an educational style and an individual path that makes the principle of personalized education real and concrete.