How to register

 From 29 November to 12 December 2023, registration for the first classes is only open to internal parents. 

From 13 December, registration will also open to outsiders, and it will no longer be possible to grant pre-emption to insiders.

 Registration for the first class of each cycle requires access to the reserved area, 

click 'new application', select 'new registration' and finally choose 'registration'. 

You will then receive an e-mail with the necessary instructions for finalising the application at the school secretariats.

For the enrolment of outsiders in the intermediate classes of each cycle, the secretariat of the chosen location must be contacted directly.


Is there a school regulation?

Yes, there are school regulations that are handed out to registered parents in the first days of the school year.

Is a uniform provided?

The uniform is a distinctive element of our CEFA Schools and helps to create a unity of style among the pupils. It must therefore be purchased at the beginning of the year from the supplier indicated by the school.

If my child has a food intolerance is it compulsory to eat lunch at school?

The schools accept pupils with certified food intolerances and prepare a special menu for them.

Is it possible to enrol my child even if he does not speak Italian?

Yes it is possible, providing, where necessary, a short Italian language course organised at our schools also during curricular hours.

Is the tutor in charge of my child's remedial education?

In some cases, the tutor may be in charge of remedial education, but his or her main function is to coordinate the educational work between family and teachers.

How many times can I meet the tutor during the year?

We plan a minimum of three meetings during the year, but the tutor is available as often as needed.

Is the annual calendar the same as that of public schools?

Yes, the annual calendar is identical to that of public schools.

Can I bring my child to school before school starts?

Yes, a pre-school service is provided before classes start.

What happens if I am not on time to pick up my child at the exit?

Assistance is provided at the end of lessons.