Our Formative Offer


  • STEAM in English: from 3rd grade on to 8thgrade willstudy some of the subjects,traditionally conveyedin the English Language, using the Steam perspectives, methods andinstruments which contemplate the use of robotic components in subjectssuch as, but not only, Science.
  • Embassy Routes: periodic meetings in English or Spanish with diplomats from the embassies present in Rome to learn about the culture of other nations and political balance.
  • Terra Buona: educational project for our secondary school that provides for the cultivation of food plants. The boys experience all the stages from the preparation of the soil to the harvest to the conservation of the product.
  • Cinema: an experience in the secrets of film language. The project aims to introduce students to the dynamics of film shooting and to provide them with the theoretical and practical basis for the production of films.
  • Informatics and Coding: an innovative project with which fifth-grade students in primary school learn the basic techniques of computer programming, matters considered fundamental for millennials.
  • Microscopy: a scientific research project that allows pupils to develop and divulge biological studies. Within this project, three microscopes were installed in the science lab. The culminating highlight is the thematic exhibition at the end of the year set up by the boys.
  • Careers: parents or other guests are invited into the class to present their work experience, illustrating the characteristics, the human qualities that are required to carry it out, the commitment and the charm.
  • La Scuola all’Opera: a project cared for by the Didactic Department of the Teatro dell’Opera of Rome. It aims to make Opera known to primary pupils through their active participation in the final show.
  • Invitation to Read: reading paths, exhibitions and meetings with authors to bring students closer to the world of books.
  • Raz-Kids Project: pupils read animated books listening to the exact pronunciation of words. The activity takes place in the computer room and includes 27 levels of development and an comprehension quiz at the end of each story.