Our Formative Offer


Iunior International Institute is located a few meters from Piazza Bologna. The educational offer is aimed at families who wish to guarantee their children a path of didactic continuity from primary to secondary education.

The building, originally a private residence and dating back to the early twentieth century, has been home to the school since 1994 and has a large garden that kids can use during breaks between classes. The large size of the building ensures the institute a large availability of classrooms and spaces.

In addition to classes, there are classrooms set up for the different workshops of music, art, technology and science. In the building, there is also the suggestive fireplace room, with a stage on which theatrical performances are set up and where public speaking lessons are held.

There are also several sports facilities available to the students: a multifunctional equipped gym inside and soccer fields and mini-basketball in the outdoor park, where extra activities offered to the students are also held.