la locomotiva

The school

The Nursery school “ La Locomotiva”, in convention with the Municipality of Rome, is located in the eastern part of the city, in the Tor Sapienza area, in the building that housed the first Company Nursery of the Policlinico Campus Bio-medico Foundation, which has recently moved to the new site in Trigoria.

The building houses at the moment 22 children from 12 to 18 months of age, divided into two Homogeneous classes by age.

la locomotiva

Our spaces

The well-equipped and welcoming environment is designed to encourage the child’s growth in autonomy and his desire for new discoveries.

The spaces are articulated on one floor, eliminating architectural barriers and allowing easy access to laboratories and sections. The nursery can also benefit from a largely equipped garden where children can play outdoors and experiment with simple gardening workshops.

la locomotiva


Our library The Loco- Book Club

Every Friday, six children in turn take a book home on loan and read it over the weekends with parents, siblings, grandparents. The following week they return it to the nursery: as in a real library, the teachers record the loan on a card “signed” by the child. Love for reading and caring for the book are the objectives of this project,where enthusiasm and involvement of families is fundamental.

Flavors from the world

La Locomotiva Nursery School project includes a special menu every month with recipes from a different country: a journey through culinary and musical cultures and traditions. Even though the dishes are simplified to render them tasty to all pupils, the project intends to induce the children to try new flavors and offers new tastes and flavors in accordance with the international character of CEFA Schools and learn to appreciate the world thanks to one of their 5 senses.

Learning in progress

Learning in progress is the Bilingual CEFA Schools project for Nursery School and Kindergarten.

la locomotiva


The strategic lines related to the nursery, the ordinary management of the structure and the coordination of the educational group are entrusted to a Board of Directors that decides in a collegial way. 

Didactic Activity Coordinator: Chiara Velli

CEFA Delegate: Loris Tulli

la locomotiva


La Locomotiva 

Via Collatina, 285 – 00155 Roma 

Tel: 06 22 53 719