La mongolfiera

The school

At La Mongolfiera of Monte Mario, ,Nursery School in convention with the Municipality of Rome and Bilingual Kindergarten.We grow together with our pupils, unique and unrepeatable persons who begin a path of discoveries from Nursery school on which will increase their skills during their most fertile years of growth.

It was the first of the CEFA Nursery Schools, inaugurated in July 2004 and since then in agreement with the Municipality of Rome, it hosts about 100 children. At the request of families, the formative offer has been extended since 2010 with the creation of a bilingual kindergarten, in agreement with the MIUR, to guarantee the continuity of teaching.

La mongolfiera

Our location

The structure occupies a part of the monastery of St. John the Baptist in Montemario close to the Natural Reserve of Insugherata, which ensures a peaceful environment far from the chaos of the city, as well as a striking panorama. The rooms are spacious, quiet and well lit; each section overlooks a terrace equipped with games and a play area for the children’s gardening activities.

The location and characteristics of the Mongolfiera make it an ideal location for the organization of summer camps during the months of July and September.

La mongolfiera


Our herb garden

Every year, during the spring season, outdoor educational activities are provided: in the external spaces, an aromatic herb garden is planted. This activity aims to support the children’s desire to discover and explore new aromas, colors and flavors. Accompanied by their educators, the children share their first experiences of care and respect for nature, amazed by the mystery of watching their plants grow over time.

The four Elements 

This project involves children from the Medi sections and aims to stimulate their discovery of the four elements. A child needs to be led hand in observing, analyzing and understanding his natural environment. Earth, air, water and fire are essential elements for the stimulation of a child’s feeling, imagination and self-expression.

The colors of Emotion 

The book “The colors of emotions” by A. Llenas is the starting point of the project. From here a rich and intense journey of experiences and activities for the children of the Grandi section starts. The goal is to be able to combine all the bonds and deep connections between the experimentation of colour, body expression and the exploration of the universe of emotions.

Learning in progress

Learning in progress is the Bilingual CEFA Schools project for Nursery School and Kindergarten.

La mongolfiera


The strategic lines related to the nursery, the ordinary management of the structure and the coordination of the educational group are entrusted to a Board of Directors that decides in a collegial way. 

Didactic Activity Coordinator: Chiara Velli

CEFA Delegate: Loris Tulli

La mongolfiera

Extra Activities, insights and training

The educational offer at Mongolfiera is extended and enriched by various extra activities that take place at the end of the school day. The extra activities, on extended daily hours, are entrusted to external associations or cooperators chosen by the governance of the school based on the substantial sharing of the aims and methods of the school’s educational offer.

Mongolfiera’s extra activities are

Music, Drama and Art

La mongolfiera


La mongolfiera


La Mongolfiera

Via delle Benedettine, 50b – 00135 Roma

tel: 06 30 68 31 56