Our Formative Offer

Extra activities

The activities proposed at the Mongolfiera premises are:

  • English with the Hocus and Lotus method: we bring children closer to English, meeting them on their favorite terrain: the imaginary world. Through active and engaging educational activities, children aged 30 months learn to love the language of the two characters Hocus and Lotus.

Timing: Monday and Thrusday

  • Capobimbi: music and harmony of movements directly from Brazil. La Capoeira is a very suitable art for children for the development of motor skills, coordination and personal creativity. The activity is carried out in collaboration with the La Voce dei colori  Association , with Fabricio as  teacher.

Timing: Tuesday.

  • Music in the nursery: we offer music to children as a creative experience. Through play, movement and singing, the children complete their learning path with the aim of developing harmony and rhythm. The activity is carried out in collaboration with the Octopus Association with teachers Federica.

Timing: Wednesday morning  Musica in fasce (nido) and Musica a scuola (Infanzia).

  • Musical: a course of game and dance and theatre for children, in collaboration with the Amateur Sports Association L’altradanza run by teachers Michela and Elisa.

Timing: Wednesday afternoon.

  • Ceramic Lab: on Friday


Party at School

If you want to organise a party to celebrate the birthday with all school friend of your son, we can organize it every day during the week. If you want to invite all parents too, you can rent the space during the weekend.

For more information contact our secretary.