Our Formative Offer


La Mongolfiera is located in the Monte Mario district, in the north-west area of ​​the city. It is the first CEFA nursery, inaugurated in July 2004 and since then in agreement with the municipality of Rome, welcomes around one hundred children. At the request of families, since 2010, the training offer has been extended with the creation of a bilingual parental kindergarten, to guarantee the continuity of teaching.

The structure occupies a part of the monastery of St. John the Baptist in Montemario close to the Natural Reserve of Insugherata, which ensures a peaceful environment far from the chaos of the city, as well as a striking panorama. The rooms are spacious, quiet and well lit; each section overlooks a terrace equipped with games and a play area for children’s gardening activities.

The location and characteristics of the Mongolfiera make it an ideal location for the construction of summer centres during the months of July and September.