Kindergarten’s Innovation

From January 2022, the daily routine of CEFA Infant schools has been enriched with new educational spaces and tools.

The time-table, which varies for each class of pupils aged from 3 to 5 years old, alongside the playful and recreational activities includes:

• the institutionalization of the hours of Theater, Psychomotricity and Music, in order to promote expressive skills through the body, identification and stimulation of observation and listening abilities;

• the strengthening of bilingualism through a gradual increase in the hours of activity in English to promote understanding and strengthen children’s language command;

Didactic projects structured in Ateliers with specific professionals with the role of the “Atelierista”, aimed at promoting knowledge and creativity;

the inclusion of educational robotics to develop key skills that prepare for challenges of the future, implementing a multidisciplinary approach with all art forms, creativity and innovation:  iVulcani di CampuStore, has finally arrived in the classrooms, a table for making with many accessories that make it an informal learning environment of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) disciplines and IWBs, interactive multimedia boards.

• activities aimed at encouraging non-formal learning by intensifying the shared use of books and creating pre-writing, pre-calculation and pre-writing workshops to facilitate approaching Primary School.


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