Our Formative Offer


  • La Scuola all’Opera: a project cared for by the Didactic Department of the Teatro dell’Opera of Rome. It aims to make Opera known to primary pupils through their active participation in the final show.
  • Invitation to Read: reading paths, exhibitions and meetings with authors to bring students closer to the world of books.
  • Raz-Kids Project: pupils read animated books listening to the exact pronunciation of words. The activity takes place in the computer room and includes 27 levels of development and an comprehension quiz at the end of each story.
  • The School adopts a Monument: a project promoted by the Municipality of Rome with the aim of making students aware of and protect the city with interdisciplinary paths to deepen the study of some aspects of history, culture and art.
  • Informatics and Coding: an innovative project with which primary school students learn the basic techniques of computer programming, a subject considered fundamental for millennials.
  • Public Speaking: primary school pupils take a public speaking course to learn how to control their bodies and to modulate their speeches in front of the public. Periodically, the activity is put into practice through theatrical performances.
  • Citizenship through the eyes of cinema: a path that aims to raise awareness among students about issues of citizenship and legality, through civilian education, knowledge and enhancement of cultural heritage.