Educational offer

Personal growth is a wonderful journey, one to live together. The pupils who attend our schools are followed by their tutor and by our staff, in the viewpoint of a firm and shared with the families.

Furthermore, from the year 2024/25, Primary School pupils, boys and girls, will attend lessons at the same location: Petranova International Institute in Via Pavia, 23.

Our educational offer is in this way enriched with a focus on the relational asset and the spaces are being revisited so as to create the best environment for the new educational requirements



Every person is unique and needs to be accompanied in a complete and harmonic way in his or her growth. In CEFA Schools we propose a formative model based on Personalized Education.

Tutoring is the basic element of our offer and allows us to follow each one’s development: intervening with skill according to the single needs of each and standing by the parents in the process of their child’s growth.

The tutor is a teacher who concentrates on a specific group of students. He or she periodically meets the students and their parents to establish with them a formative and educational plan to be followed in the future months and to evaluate each one’s challenges and progress.

During their educational pathway boys and girls have different development and learning processes both in manner and times. Homogeneous education places each and every one in the best situation to face their personal educational process.

Pupils study various subjects in English, in the viewpoint, methods and instruments of STEAM labs, which require the use of robotic components, but not only, in the scientific disciplines in them.

Students learn the different techniques of public speaking in the most important European languages: from Italian to English, from French to Spanish. The acquired skills are highlighted in dedicated theatrical performances.