Roles and tasks

The internal organization of CEFA schools revolves around the institutional bodies envisaged by our statute and to the reference figures who, in over 40 years of experience, have been verified as crucial in the operational management of our educational and training paths.

The Assembly of Members is the main body, not only because it elects the members of the Board of Directors, but also and above all because it is made up of parents from our schools and their friends who are sensitive to educational and family training issues. The Assembly, therefore, embodies our mission and supports the various locations in the promotion of the CEFA message.

The Board of Directors is composed of 5 directors, including the President and remains in office for 3 years. The councilors nominate the General Manager who has the role of coordinating the work of the directors of each location, of the administrative director and of the personnel director.

Finally, each location has its own Director, who is asked to monitor the functioning of the schools in unity with the General Management to coordinate the various organizational aspects.

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