School without frontiers

We dream of training people who will travel the paths of the world thanks to the knowledge and skills acquired during their years of growth. This is why we believe in an international and bilingual school capable of educating everyone to build relationships without frontiers.

Parental trust is the energy that fuels our work. We choose to take care of parents because only through an educational complicity is harmonious growth guaranteed. We know that faced with the prodigy of a personality that is developing, parents can find themselves without adequate answers. For this reason our school dedicates a discreet and confidential interlocutor to them for a continual comparison on the aspirations that they place in their children.

Our reality has a nature in everything and for all that is secular but it is permeated by Christian values in which all can be recognized. The school is promoted by some of the faithful of Opus Dei along with many others including some who are not even Christian. However, everyone shares the intuition of St. Josemaría who saw parents at the centre of their children’s education, even in school.