Secondary IUNIOR

The school

Iunior International Institute is only a few minutes' walk from piazza Bologna. The educational provision is addressed to those families who desire to guarantee their children a continued educational pathway in the passage from Primary to Secondary School.

The building, born as a residential house and erected in the first years of the 20th Century, has been the home of the school since 1994 and avails itself of a large garden where the boys and girls can spend their time between lessons. The large dimensions of the building ensure the school an ample choice of classrooms and common spaces.

Furthermore, the ground floor has an impressive “Sala del Camino”, furnished with a stage where Theatrical Representations as well as the Public Speaking lessons are held. public speaking.

Various sports structures complete the area: an indoor multifunctional Gym and, outdoors, soccer and basketball courts, where also many of the extra school activities take place in the afternoons.

Secondary IUNIOR


At Iunior International Institute we offer students and their families a formative model based on personalized education. Tutoring is a basic element of our educational offer and allows us to follow each boy’s and girl’s growth and evolution, intervening pointedly according to each young person’s needs.

The other essential element of our educational project is the international outlook which finds its fulfilment in our Bilingualism: some subjects are taught directly in English to ensure our students a high level of knowledge of the language.

Finally, our pupils’ preparation is enriched by a component of solidarity and endeavour which finds full development in some of our specific projects.

Secondary IUNIOR


STEAM in English

Starting from 3rd grade through to 8th grade, boys and girls study various subjects, traditionally taught in English, with the viewpoint, methods and instruments of STEAM labs, which require the use of robotic components in the scientific disciplines but not only in them.


This is the didactic project that offers students and their families new instruments to empower digital and transverse skills

Observation and Counselling

CEFA Schools have an ulterior tool that allows us to monitor the growth of our pupils and transform daily routine into actual educational opportunities. The project consists of the observation of the different classes and subsequent counselling for the teaching equipe by the Psychologist and Psychotherapist Doctor Anna La Prova.

Cross a book

Cross-a-book is a contest for the oral presentation of novels and fiction that aims to stimulate reading, reading comprehension and reinterpretation of the text, and public speaking. Pupils, both boys and girls, have a wide variety of titles from which to choose according to their personal tastes and after reading they will narrate the plot in their favourite descriptive mode.

The Joy of reading 

Different paths of reading labs, shows and meetings with authors to bring students closer to the magical world of books.

Secondary IUNIOR


The strategic lines related to the school, the ordinary management of the structure and the coordination of the educational group are entrusted to a Board of Directors that decides in a collegial way. One elected parent is called to complete the board of Directors.

Principal: Darío Valerio Nisticò Tarrats

Didactic Activities Coordinator: Gianmarco Cassarà e Dora Sangermano

Formative Activities Coordinators: Danilo Gentilozzi e Maria Carlotta Quintiliani

Parent: Santino Confetto

Secondary IUNIOR


The educational offer is extended and enriched by various extra school activities that take place at the end of the school day. The extra activities are entrusted to the school‘s teaching staff and/or to external cooperators, who follow the school’s educational style in an extra-scholastic context.

Secondary IUNIOR


Secondary IUNIOR


Iunior International Institute

Via G.B. De Rossi, 48 – 00161 Roma 

tel: 06 44 23 93 56