Special days

In planning our events, which we deliver annually to our families, there are some fixed dates that are repeated every year and that have become real traditions of our schools:

  • Special Days: poetry, arts and crafts, music and sport. These are the four rotating themes on this day every year. Students try their hand at the main activity of the day and have the opportunity to meet professionals in the category who explain their activities to the kids. This year, April 30th, is the turn of sport.
  • Memorial Day: on January 27th, on the occasion for the remembrance of Holocaust victims’, secondary school students prepare a series of contents to explain to young children this ugly page of history in the most appropriate of ways for a young public.
  • Young Teacher: traditional appointment that is repeated twice a year when students prepare contents to be presented to classmates of other classes. Characteristic of the event is the fact that the lessons are not directed only by large to small but also vice versa.