What is tutoria/tutorship?

At CEFA, the school and the family work in harmony with the definition of the educational path. This alignment makes it possible to create continuity between school experience and family life, both in growth objectives and in personal training activities.

Who is the tutor?

The tutor is a teacher chosen among the teachers of each class who, starting from the direct experience of the pupil in CEFA (involvement, study and relationship), draws up for him or her a personalized training program. This path is shared with the parents and with the student, who is called by the tutor to cover the right role as a protagonist.

The figure of the tutor, established in the very first years of CEFA, represents the link between the family and the scholastic dimension.

The tutorial interview is a fixed appointment both for the student and for the parents and allows to draw a coherent and suitable road for each child or boy passing their years of training at CEFA.