We all need to learn from every new  experience we might encounter!

Cefa schools have learned, from this unexpected quarantine, that change  is always possible: classrooms can be changed, timetables can change, as well as  the structure of explanations,  of evaluation and of homework; class behaviour and our relations  with  co-teachers and students can be modified; meetings and interaction with the tutors,  ways  of sharing a snack  and playtime. Ways of relating to technology and of sharing our common  experience

One of the things we’ve learned  from the quarantine due to COVID-19 is that there are a lot of things that  we can do  from home nowadays: apart from reading, cooking, being together, playing, we can do  some shopping online, visit a museum and most of all, “go to school”, or, better said, “make school”,

But, in spite of all, we cannot change our mission: #WEAREMAKINGSCHOOL 


#WeAreMakingSchool for ZEROSIX

#WeAreMakingSchool for our pupils

#WeAreMakingSchool for parents

#WeAreMakingSchool thanks to our team


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