STEAM in English

Cefa Schools have, since their earliest days, wished to give great space to the classical tradition of italian culture and our teaching methods have always held priority in our teaching objectives for all classes: 

  • correct spelling (orthography);  
  • “ kαλή-γραφή” (handwriting); 
  • production of written essays;
  • the development of critical reasoning and math skills;
  • the richness of oral and written expression.

Our path of study,  connected to the characteristics of young learners and to the fast development of new technologies and to the widespread global dimension of modern society has led us to the pursuit of valid educational and teaching proposals for the growth of our students, maintaining a solid stronghold to the cultural heritage built in the past, in the thread of the Italian scholastic tradition and of that of Scuole Cefa. 

Beginning with the year 2019-2020 students of Schools Iunior and  Petranova International, from 3rd grade on to 8th grade will study some of the subjects,  traditionally conveyed in the English Language, using the Steam perspectives, methods and instruments which contemplate the use of robotic components in subjects such as, but not only, Science.   

STEAM in English is a project developed in collaboration to Università Europea di Roma and MontiRusso